Getting Kids Started

Halfway down the first run of my life, I swore I would never strap on a pair of skis again.  I was in fourth grade, on top of the Hausberg in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, sitting frightened in the snow, as my parents started to lose it.

With hindsight, I’m sure they were probably just frustrated with themselves for bringing my sister and me up a chairlift without any lessons, but after an hour of slipping and falling down the icy slope, I assumed they were angry because I couldn’t figure out what a snowplow had to do with skiing, or how the heck I was going to get down a gentle green run that felt to me like the Olympic downhill.

Luckily, later that year my parents talked me into trying a lesson, and I discovered a sport that that would provide some of the greatest joys of my life. Now, 30 years later I’m writing this blog because, as I’ve been introducing my three sons to skiing over the last few years, I’ve learned how challenging it can be to get a child excited about skiing and comfortable on the snow.

In this section, I’ll be looking at different approaches to introducing kids to skiing. We’ll share tips from instructors, and review tools that can help turn teaching children how to ski into something that is enjoyable and successful for you and your kids..

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