Fun on the Slopes

Heading up the gondola at Snowbasin.
Ben and Ryan heading up the gondola at Snowbasin.

Not every kid is going to love skiing the first time he hits the snow.  As a three-year-old, my oldest son Ben was much more anxious than excited the first few times we went skiing.  For him, encouraging a passion for skiing meant incorporating games, and stories into our skiing.

Whether that meant pretending to be super heroes fighting monsters or racing away from wild yeti’s, my son was always eager to come up with a game, jump on the lifts and start an adventure.  As he has aged, that play has turned into trying out new parts of the mountain, racing chairlifts down the mountain, or playing in the terrain park. During our last trip to Alpine Meadows, he was scouring the mountain for natural half-pipes.

A big part of making skiing with kids a blast is finding fun ways to play on and off the slopes when you head up to the mountain. As part of this blog we’ll be looking at all the things that make a ski trip great. Finding the right food on the hill, getting to the lifts without losing your mind, organizing all the equipment, and finding fun when the lifts shut down.

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