Ski with your kids is a blog about trying to pass the love of skiing from one generation to the next…without losing your sanity, ending your marriage, or subjecting your kids to massive therapy bills in the future.

Ben and Ryan playing in the snow at Alpine Meadows.
Ben and Ryan playing in the snow at Alpine Meadows.

As a dad of three boys (9, 4 and a 2-month-old), I guess I’m about half-way through this process right now.  Which admittedly is both exhilarating, and incredibly daunting.

Skiing with kids can be a source of enormous joy for you and your kids, but it is almost always exhausting, often frustrating and occasionally scary.  It certainly means less time in back bowls and more time on bunny slopes. With this blog, I’m going to dig into everything I can find out about making the learning experience awesome for you and your child, including:

  • Getting kids started on skis The first few times on the snow can create lasting memories for kids. I’m planning to look at different approaches parents use to safely introduce kids to skiing,  how to determine the right age to start your child, how ski-schools get kids making their first turns, and some of the tools and games that can help make the first few years on skis successful.
  • Fun on the slopes For my boys, skiing is as much about playing games, trying out jumps, and snacking on a candy bar on a long lift, as it is powder days and racing. I’ve found the more play and games are introduced to skiing, the quicker kids develop independence and excitement for skiing. I’ll share what work for my family, and dig up as many other tips and tricks for making every day a blast for all the family.
  • Where to ski  Most resorts today go to at least some effort to cater to families. But that doesn’t mean they are  all well suited for your family. On this blog we’ll review resorts from the perspective of a family with young children. As a parent, things like the availability of beginner terrain, ski-school and day care options, food choices, lift options and lines, and even cell phone coverage on the slopes can separate a great resort from a good one. I’ll look at those things as well as lodging, accessibility, after ski fun and of course costs as we try out different resorts.
  • Kids Gear  Finding the right gear for growing children is tough.  What works great for one kid, often doesn’t fit the next. I’ll look at general questions around buying versus renting equipment, ski-swaps and other aftermarket options, and finding gear that fits. I’ll also review different kinds of kids gear as I get my hands on it.

Most importantly, I hope writing this blog will create a forum where people can share their own experiences, and meet other parents who are in the process of introducing their kids to the greatest sport in the world.

-Shannon Williams

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